Thursday, June 16, 2011

SFO Airport Car Service

San Francisco International Airport, commonly known as SFO, is nearly 13 miles from the downtown of San Francisco. It is the largest airport in SA Bay Area and it also happens to be the second busiest airports belonging to the state of California. The busiest one in the state is quite undoubtedly the Los Angeles International Airport. In the national level, it ranks as the 10th largest airport in the country, while globally it stands at the 25th largest airport in terms of the number of passengers it handles per annum. United Airlines and Virgin America have adopted San Francisco International Airport as their central hub in terms of operations. SFO airport has several amenities to offer to the commuters using the facility. Some of the amenities include bars and restaurants, baggage storage, shopping, a clinic and a special assistance facility for lost or stranded passengers. T-Mobile provides Wi-Fi services within the airport at the cost of a small fee.

One of the basic and essential services that an airport needs to provide is car hire services. SFO Airport car services are not lagging behind as they provide excellent facilities when it comes to car hire. San Francisco International Airport’s very own Air-Train is a transport system within the facility to help passengers move from one terminal to another. The specialty of Air-Train is that passengers can directly access the free service from any terminal and make use of the train to reach the SFO Airport Car Service center. If you wish to make use of Limo Service to pick you up, you need not travel to the car hire center, as most limousine providers will pick you up from certain fixed pick up points.

San Francisco Limousines is a major limousine company to belong to the SFO Airport Car Service. It has several packages to offer passengers landing at SFO. The passenger can choose to be picked up from the baggage claim area. The chauffer of the limousine will hold a sign with the passenger’s name and once the contact with the passenger is made, the chauffer will handle all the bags and escort the passenger to the limousine. This type of pick up usually invites an additional charge of $15.

For passengers traveling through the international sector, the individual or group can choose to meet the chauffer at the customs area, who will be holding a sign with the passenger’s name. The bags will be handled by the chauffer of course, though the charges for this service are merely $20.

Alternatively, an immediate pick up can be requested by the passenger. The passenger will, however, need to intimidate San Francisco Limousine by phone as soon as reaching the airport. The chauffer will be at the receiving area within 5 minutes. This type of service would definitely require a reservation, which is to be made in advance. However, passengers without reservation can also be accommodated by San Francisco Limousine for an additional charge of $10.



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